Hydroxyl Solutions was born from the friendship between our founders Evan Scafuro and Brien Lieljuris.  They have bonded over their shared passion for the cannabis industry and the potential healing qualities that these plants possess.  Armed with his 4+ years of experience in the cannabis industry, Brien oversees our Colorado operations while Evan heads up our Philadelphia office.  Troubled by the lack of accountability within the CBD industry, our founders have set out to create a product line centered around the idea of transparency.

At Hydroxyl Solutions, we are first and foremost focused on providing customers the best value they can get.  In recent years, as the cannabis industry has incrementally legalized, product regulations haven’t kept up.  Seemingly glossy and expensive CBD products aren’t always as they appear to be.  Our potently formulated products are both clean, safe and effective.

Our extensive knowledge of the Cannabis industry helps us translate the constant innovations within the industry into exciting new products for our customers.  We are on the cutting edge of new technologies, allowing us to provide products like our cannabis-derived terpsolates and soon enough, solventless extracts.

We believe that every customer deserves to fully understand the products that they are spending their hard earned money on.  We have ensured that our third party laboratory analysis from Botanicor Labs are easily accessible through our usage of Cannverify QR codes attached to all of our products.

Hydroxyl Solutions believes in the potential of its products.  This is why we try to go out of our way to inform and educate our customers.  CBD can help many people and we aim to make it more accessible and affordable to incorporate into their daily routines.  Our mission is to build trust in the industry in order to gain widespread legitimacy as a source of medical relief.  Hydroxyl Solutions hopes to be an example to other CBD companies in order to help standardize products within the industry.

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